Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 15 Trifextra - Second Entry

I am entering the Trifextra Writing Challenge this weekend. This time, we have 33 words to write a letter of apology - the salutation and sign off do not count! Here it is:

Dear Mr. Smith,

We are very sorry about the prescription mix up. The doctor says that your breasts should go away in seven to ten days. Here is a 20% off coupon by way of apology.

Sincerely, Acme Drugs


  1. Yay! Isn't it scary when the pharmacy switches prescriptions. It would be nice if 20% off could set any adverse effects right.

    Nice take. :-)

  2. Yes, this is a sad commentary but still funny! Like your earlier post today, some people just don't know how to apologize! Very clever.

  3. I'm sure a 20% off coupon is hardly enough to entice Mr. Smith to continue a business relationship with Acme Drugs.

  4. That's hilarious!

    By the way, this is Trish from TLC Book Tours, and I have a book I want to ask you about, but I'm not sure my emails are reaching you. If you want more info, will you email me at trish(at) Thanks!

    1. Just found your email in my spam. Sorry about that... I will email you back now. Thanks for commenting BTW ;)

  5. Poor Mr. Smith and his unwanted manboobs. Hope the coupon serves as a distraction :).

    Very cute Libby :)

  6. I wonder how often these situations occur. Yikes.

  7. oh this made me laugh, but it has a very serious side too.