Sunday, May 13, 2012

Review - "Crazy Dangerous" by Andrew Klavan

I guess what really struck me about this book was the feeling of being inside a seriously ill mind. (I realize that I just opened myself up to a lot of jokes there, and you can feel free to leave them in the comment section, but I am going to continue the thought, because I think it is important!)

The star of this book, "Crazy Dangerous," by Andrew Klavan is Sam Hopkins. But, his co-star is definitely Jennifer Sales. Jennifer has schizophrenia. She tells us about what she sees and feels in the first person, and it comes across as very realistic. I see in the acknowledgments that Mr. Klavan consulted with mental health experts and read books and articles on mental illness. I guess you can always tell when someone has done their homework, because Jennifer's inner dialog comes across as very believable.

The only other book that I have read that was a first person account of schizophrenia was Mark Vonnegut's (Kurt's son) book. And, I can see similarities, although Jennifer seems to suffer more acutely.

Alright! Enough of all the cerebral (get it?) stuff! This is an action book! Big time! Because while Jennifer is literally dealing with her own demons, Sam is accosted by young thugs - after a harrowing game of chicken with a train - and dragged to an old barn.

He starts hanging out with some bad kids, but when they attack Jennifer and he sticks up for her, those kids become his enemies...and Jennifer his strange new friend. But,those bad kids are not going away. Actually they are getting worse and worse, and the story moves very quickly to an exciting conclusion.

I think this is a book for teenagers (although I liked it!). There is discussion about doing the right thing, even when others might oppose you. It teaches morals without being at all "preachy." I actually really enjoyed it!

FTC Disclaimer: I was given a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is Schizophrenia Awareness Week - SAW2012 - learn more!!

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  1. Sounds like a very interesting read. I look forward to adding it go my TBR list. Great review, can't wait to see how it ends for myself

    1. Hey Whirl! The last several chapters are REAL nail biters. As a mother, I found myself really WORRYING about these people! LOL!

      You notice how you can never switch off the mom thing?

      This was so evocative that now I am curious about schizophrenia. There is a Twitter event about it tomorrow, and I am going to tune in if I can get away!

  2. This does sound like an intriguing read.Thanks so much for your sweet comment today. :)

    1. I read lots and lots of Mothers Day tributes today. And yours was very, very good. I mean that. You could get that published, I'll bet.